Ethics in a time of crisis

A moral being is one who is capable of comparing his past and future actions or motives, and of approving or disapproving of them.
— Charles Darwin, English biologist (1809-1882)

Searching for a job in the current economy is not unlike the great quests immortalized in the epic poems of ancient Greece.  This is not to say that it contains the same glory as slaying the hydra or recovering the golden fleece but it is not a journey void of peril.  Everyday in the search you are met with trials, tribulations, pitfalls and most importantly temptation.

Temptation is found in many forms.  For some it could be contemplating an embellishment on their resume.  For myself it came in the form of a job that I knew I could get but would not want to stay at for long.  I knew that if I took the job I would have less financial worries but how would my decision effect the employer?  The resources required for the hiring process are not insignificant.  This drain of resources is even harder on a small company.  What would that have said about me if I took their time in the hiring process and their time for training only to leave a few months later because I found a place where the grass was greener?

In times of high unemployment and stiff competition for jobs how do you stay on the right track.  In my situation I am very lucky that I have a strong support system surrounding me.  With good friends and family showing constant support and giving encouragement it is easy to stay the course.  One purpose of this blog is to encourage and motivate myself.  I also hope that this will encourage and motivate others and give them at least a small support system they may not have otherwise.  Here is a link to a PDF with some thoughts on ethics in the job search.  It is aimed mostly at recent college graduates but I think it can apply almost everyone.


~ by joblessinsj on September 10, 2009.

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