Twitter me this

Have you ever tweeted?  This isn’t the tweeting your grandparents did when they practiced bird calling.  This is yet another method of communication in the 21st century.  Twitter is a micro-blog that is free for anyone to use.  It is called a micro-blog because unlike with this blog, where I can type to my hearts content with every post, Twitter limits your post to 140 characters.  Until recently I honestly did not care about Twitter at all.  Why the change?  Too many other people care about Twitter.  The most recent number I found said that as of March 2009 Twitter had more than 8 million users.

Twitter is used by a variety of companies and individual to do everything from educate the public about a new product, advise consumers, create a dialog with customers, promote ideas and even let everyone know what you had for breakfast this morning.  I had Cheerios in case you were wondering.  So how can Twitter help me in my quest?

There are two ways that I will use Twitter to start.  Firstly as a promotional tool that allows me to share what resources I find that I see as valuable in hopes of finding readers that may help me in my search.  And secondly as a way to find out about jobs that may not be posted on other boards.  More and more employers are posting jobs on Twitter.  Here are some other sites that I found useful.


~ by joblessinsj on September 10, 2009.

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